CRT Converter Update 1.3

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Update 1.3 Overview

Hey everyone!

I'm thrilled to release this update for CRT Converter, and I think you guys are gonna love it. To quickly summarize, Update 1.3 makes CRT Converter easier to use, faster to preview/render, and much more powerful. Additionally, update 1.3 brings compatibility for Premiere Pro. Woo!

If you run into any issues with the update, please reach out to me at

New Features

Just like Pixel_Encoder's recent update, update 1.3 turns CRT Converter into a native Adobe plugin. So, starting now, you can use CRT Converter the same way you would use any of your other plugins. Simply open your project, select a layer, and apply CRT Converter from the Effects windows.

If you guys are interested, I'd be happy to write a more in-depth explanation of every little new feature, but here's a quick list of the important stuff:

  • Native plugin support for Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • 2 New CRT Patterns
  • CRT Pattern scaling
  • Support for any aspect ratio
  • Modular vignette/glow
  • Greatly improved performance

Not to mention all the quality of life additions that you get by using a native plugin. Things like better expression support, cleaner project files, and workflow improvements. That list could probably go on for days.

New Security Measures

If you read the blog post about the recent update to Pixel_Encoder then this section will feel very familiar to you!

CRT Converter now has a watermark licensing system implemented. What this means for you is that, after you install and use CRT Converter for the first time, you'll see a large "X" watermark over your image. This can easily be removed by clicking the "register" button and entering the license key provided with your download.

License keys will be provided for free to anyone who purchased CRT Converter prior to Update 1.3. To obtain your free license key, simply fill out the form here or click the button below.

Please be aware that I will be manually fulfilling all license requests, so it may take some time to process everything.

Want CRT Converter for your next project?

You can purchase CRT Converter by clicking here.

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