Pixel_Encoder Update 1.5

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Update 1.5 Overview

Hey everyone!

While this isn't a massive update, I think it presents some really powerful new features that you're gonna love, along with some overdue housekeeping. Pixel_Encoder has already evolved WAY past what I had originally dreamt it to be, and I only have you guys to thank for the support in getting it there. So- Thank you! Alright, enough chit-chat. Let's get into it!

If you run into any issues with the update, please reach out to me at contact@willcecil.net.

New Features

The primary focus of update 1.5 are the two new features, Scale Lock and Original Color Sampling, and I'm absolutely thrilled to see how you guys use them in your projects. These features have completely changed how I approach my own projects, and I've only just scraped the surface. I'm sure you guys are gonna take them to new heights!

Additionally, (This will look familiar to those who read the most recent CRT Converter update blog) I was able to add support for older versions of macOS! Woo!

For a full list of changes, take a look here:

  • Added Support for macOS 10.12+ (Previously supported macOS 10.15+)
  • Added new "Scale Lock" feature enabling the user to create perfect grid-like patterns
  • Added new "Use Original Color" feature allowing the user to sample colors from their source image and map them onto their pixelated images
  • Re-organized parameters into sub-categories
  • Fixed High Detail preset not showing highlights correctly

Got any suggestions for a future update? Shoot me an email at contact@willcecil.net and let me know!

How To Update

To update Pixel_Encoder on your machine, you can download the newest version using the same download link you used originally. Either through your confirmation email or by logging into my site here. If you didn't create an account when your originally purchased, you can create one here using the same email you purchased with and your orders will automatically sync up!

Want Pixel_Encoder for your next project?

You can purchase Pixel_Encoder by clicking here.


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