How To Install Your Plugins

How Do I Install My Plugins? (Installation Videos)

All of my products include PDF instructions with step-by-step guidance through the install process, but some of us prefer to learn by video!

Here are some quick demonstrations that show you how to install any of my plugins on Windows/macOS.

Where Can I Find My Licenses?

Licenses can be found by clicking the download button in your confirmation email, post-purchase page, or the order history section of your account page. Your license will be the 16 character code underneath the product name.

NOTE: Not all products require licenses to use.

If you purchased prior to March 2021, your purchase may not have generated licenses automatically. Just shoot me an email, and I'll help you out!

License Key Example Photo

I Can't Find The MediaCore Folder On My Computer

If you're on macOS, make sure that you're looking at the Adobe folder in your Library folder and not your users folder. You can double-check where you're at by clicking on your hard drive and navigating from there. Still can't find it? Shoot me a message here, and I'll do what I can to help!